Month: December 2021

News 111

27 December 2021 France detains suspect in Syria chemical weapons probe (ABC News) French investigators said Monday they have detained a man suspected of supplying authorities in Syria with materials that can be used in the production of chemical weapons.

News 110

24 December 2021 In-situ detoxification of schedule-I chemical warfare agents utilizing Zr(OH)[email protected] functional material for the development of next generation NBC protective gears (Springer Nature) Chemical warfare agents (CWAs) have become a pivotal concern for the global community and spurred a wide spectrum of research for the development of new generation protective materials. Herein, a …

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News 109

21 December 2021 U.S. denies Russian claims on Ukraine as rhetoric heats up (Politico) The Pentagon is flatly rejecting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s claim that American military contractors are smuggling chemicals into eastern Ukraine to incite a “provocation.”

News 108

16 December 2021 China Holds Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Warfare Exercises (The Defense Post) China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted a combat exercise involving anti-nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in Tibet. Combat simulations included the launch of several high-powered rockets and installation of explosives on a target. Their commanding officer had them engage in all …

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News 107

16 December 2021 Treating long-term brain damage after exposure to nerve agents (Iowa State University) Medical science has come up with few options to treat the long-term brain damage that results from exposure to chemical agents such as sarin gas, but an Iowa State University biomedical scientist aims to uncover new and better treatments. Thimmasettappa …

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News 106

16 December 2021 Hundreds of Munitions Leftover from WWII Have Been Detonated Underwater Off Okinawa ( The first of more than 600 unexploded munitions uncovered on Okinawa this year were detonated underwater this week by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The service blew up 319 items, including bullets and grenades, at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, about …

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News 105

15 December 2021 New OPCW self-assessment tool enables countries to take stock of chemical security threats, devise improvement measures (OPCW) The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) presented a new Online Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT) to Member States of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The pilot project bolsters chemical safety and security at …

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News 104

14 December 2021 MEP Anna Fotyga: Dumped munitions pose threat to human health and blue economy (Euractiv) Europe’s destructive twentieth-century conflicts resulted in thousands of tonnes of conventional and chemical munitions dumped into European waters. Today, these corroding weapons pose a danger to human health and to maritime economic activities. Now, more than ever, these …

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News 103

13 December 2021 A Deal is Still Possible in Syria (Foreign Affairs) As U.S. President Joe Biden and his team focus on the Iran nuclear file, the war in Syria remains a festering wound at the heart of the Middle East. Although the current administration has made no dramatic departures from the approach of previous …

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News 102

13 December 2021 Is the U.S. Military Prepared for Chemical Warfare? (The National Interest) The U.S. Army is worried its troops are not prepared for a biological or chemical attack. At the same time, chemical warfare is growing more common while it’s becoming easier for terrorists to cook up home-brewed bio-weapons in their basements.