October 2022 Newsletter
Discussion Series: Chemical Terrorism 
On Tuesday, October 18, at 10:00 am EDT, Maria Espona (ArgIQ) will lead a discussion on chemical terrorism.

Maria notes that, in different situations, the use of toxic chemicals to cause harm could be considered chemical terrorism. Among those, there are:
Use of toxic substances or chemical agents in assassinations;
Attacks on chemical facilities or transport units to generate the toxic substances spillover on the surroundings;
Water, soil, food poisoning with toxic substances; etc.

Currently, there is no definition of chemical terrorism or the various categories that it could include. Because of this ambiguity, it is difficult to prosecute (if identified) the attackers properly. The objective of this discussion is to begin a dialogue on how to define chemical terrorism.

Introduction, including some examples of chemical terrorism

Discuss the different categories relevant to defining chemical terrorism:
– Who is the perpetrator(s)?
– Who is the target?
– What is the means of delivery?
– What agent was used?Was the attack state sponsored?
– Where did the attack take place?
– What is the impact (political, social, etc.) of the attack? 

Conclusion and way forward (including the importance of having a definition)
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News Roundup

Deadline Extended: Nominations Open for The Hague Award 

The deadline to submit a nomination for The OPCW-The Hague Award has been extended to October 16. To learn more about who qualifies for the award and how to submit a nomination, follow the link below.  Learn More.
U.S. Must Show Russia There is No Impunity for CW Use  

Andrea Stricker and Anthony Ruggiero of the Federation for Defense of Democracies published a new policy brief containing several recommendations for this week’s 101st Session of the Executive Council.  Read Now.
In Case You Missed It: CSP-27 NGO Statement Guidelines 

We sent out an important email on October 3 under the subject line “CSP-27 NGO Statement Guidelines and Calendar” to all CSP-27 applicants. The email details how to participate in a joint NGO statement. The deadline to submit the joint statement topic nomination form is Sunday, October 9.

Fill out the joint statement topic nomination form here. 
View the NGO statement guidelines here. 
View the calendar of deadlines here. 
Of Note: 101st Session of the Executive Council The 41-member Executive Council is meeting this week in The Hague for the 101st session of the EC. To view documents from the 101st session of the Executive Council, click here.