Our Mission and History

The Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition (CWCC) is an independent, international civil society network whose mission is to support the aims of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and to supplement the efforts of the member states of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

This is done through focused civil society action aimed at achieving full membership of the CWC, the safe and timely elimination of all chemical weapons, preventing the misuse of chemicals for hostile purposes, and promoting their peaceful use.

The Coalition was founded in when several NGOs established an informal global network to help encourage and promote participation of civil society, industry, academia, and NGOs at the annual Conference of States Parties (CSP) to the Chemical Weapons Convention. During the Conference, the 193 member states of the CWC oversee the implementation of the treaty, promote the treaty’s objectives, and review compliance.

Outside of the Conference of States Parties, the Coalition holds webinars on relevant CW topics, facilitates networking opportunities for those in the chemical weapons community, promotes relevant chemical weapons publications by Coalition members, and aims to serve as a resource for NGOs interested in furthering the goal of universalizing the CWC.

What does it mean to be part of the Coalition?  
  • Participants must support the aims and mission of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
  • The activities/interests of your organisation or individual research must be relevant to the object and purpose of the Chemical Weapons Convention.
If you or your organization support the goals of the coalition and want to learn more about participating, contact us. The Coalition is working to continually increase gender and geographic diversity in our network.
The CWC Coalition at the Conference of States Parties The Coalition is committed to facilitating and promoting active civil society participation at the annual OPCW Conference of States Parties by:
  • coordinating the submission of civil society statements that are delivered during a designated section of the General Debate
  • hosting side events on relevant CW topics
  • hosting the NGO Open Forum (accredited NGOs have the opportunity to present/discuss documents and/or exhibits that are relevant to the purpose of the CWC with Conference delegates, Technical Secretariat staff members, and other key stakeholders) 
Through travel grants, the Coalition has worked to increase NGO and civil society participation from underrepresented nations. One of our goals is to continuously increase gender and geographic diversity among NGO representatives.  The CWC Coalition was founded to promote transparency, openness, inclusiveness, and accountability. We believe that the more outreach and public information shared about the CWC, the stronger the regime will be. Ultimately, the success of the CWC hinges on the ability of nation states to implement their obligations under the treaty.  Learn more about how to participate at the OPCW Conference of States Parties on our NGOs at the CSP page.
“It’s not possible to achieve the goal of ridding the world of chemical weapons without the full participation of civil society. […] Your outreach, your engagement, and your support to the people and communities affected by chemical weapons make you an indispensable partner. It’s important that you are part of the conversations taking place at the OCPW, and that’s why Canada has supported civil society in the CSP.

 Amb. Lisa Helfand, Canadian Representative to the OPCW, 10 May 2021