Kurdish Organizations Network Coalition for the International Criminal Court (KONCICC)

Location: Iraq

Mission Statement: The mission of the organization is Iraqi membership at the ICC, which will prevent war crimes including the use of chemical weapons in the future. 

Activities: On Saturday, July 17, 2021, the Kurdish Organizations Network Coalition for the International Criminal Court (KONCICC), the Human Rights Development Organization, and the Green Environment Organization hosted a panel discussion on the anniversary of the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Rome Statute. The event took place in Kirkuk, Iraq, with the participation of Dr. Ayad Kakaie, Dr. Mohammed Hawdani, and Bokan Abdhullah.  

The speakers discussed several topics, including the role of the ICC in prosecuting individuals and companies responsible for selling chemical weapons to regimes and governments, and advocated for the Iraqi government to sign the Rome Statute

Website: Visit KONCICC’s website to learn more!  

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Green Environment Organization Mission Statement: 

A non-governmental organisation that aims to protect the environment from contamination throughout Iraq and Kurdistan, and through pressure on parliament to legislate laws to protect the environment from the pollution of factories, and by encouraging the government’s commitment to the environment. 

In additon to spreading awareness among the community to protect nature and work to preven the import of chemical materials for the industry that harm the environment, they are also pressing the government to compensate for the areas affected by the chemical weapons bombing. 

Human Rights Development Organization:

A non-governmental organisation that aims to monitor violations of human rights in Iraq committed by the security services of the State or by illegal armed groups, as well as monitor government and legislative decisions on human rights. It also publishes reports on human rights violations every six months, organises demonstrations against human rights violations, and participates in local and international conferences.