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27 February 2022

Putin Puts Russia’s Nuclear Forces on High Alert (TIME)

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Sunday that Putin could use “the most unsavory means,” including banned chemical or biological weapons, to defeat Ukraine. “I urge the Russians not to escalate this conflict, but we do need to be prepared for Russia to seek to use even worse weapons,” Truss told Sky News.

27 February 2022

How Four Women Destroyed 1,200 Tons of Poison Gas – and Defused a Crisis (Rolling Stone)

An obscure Defense Department team had nine months to make a stockpile of Syria’s chemical weapons disappear. In doing the impossible, they helped avert a global showdown and saved untold lives.

25 February 2022

Pueblo is still home to nearly 200,000 mustard gas weapons from WWII. Workers have started dismantling the last of them (Colorado Public Radio)

A U.S. Department of Defense facility near Pueblo charged with destroying many of the military’s last remaining chemical weapons is heading into the final stages of its yearslong effort. The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant began disposing of its final stockpile of about 97,000 mustard gas-containing mortar rounds last Saturday. It also has about 92,000 artillery shells left to dismantle.

25 February 2022

US official: Russian invasion of Ukraine risks release of dangerous pathogens (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may put at risk a network of US-linked labs in Ukraine that work with dangerous pathogens, said Robert Pope, the director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. The labs in Ukraine are not bioweapons facilities. The US government maintains that they are public and animal health labs operated by host countries. 

22 February 2022

Germany indicts arms control breach suspect over Russia sale (Associated Press)

German prosecutors said Tuesday they have indicted a businessman on suspicion of breaking arms control laws by helping Russia purchase sophisticated machinery that could be used to make chemical weapons.