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2 October 2021

Protective Biosystems: Parasites to Fight Chemical and Biological Weapons (Global Biodefence)

Charles River Analytics announced Sep. 14 it was awarded a contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to lead a team of research organizations seeking to develop a novel biosystem solution to protect warfighters from chemical and biological threats. 

1 October 2021

U.S. Mustard Agent Destroyed at Army Depot (Arms Control Association)

The last U.S. projectiles containing mustard agent at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant in Blue Grass, Kentucky, were destroyed on Sept. 4, marking the third of five destruction campaigns completed at the site.

22 September 2021

What lies beneath: Swiss search for bombs at bottom of Lake Geneva (France 24)

The pristine turquoise waters of Lake Geneva may appear serene, but lurking below are piles of bombs, cartridges and possibly even chemical weapons discarded decades ago. For the first time ever, Swiss authorities will soon start mapping the piles of munitions in the lake to determine what kind of explosive debris is there, how much, and whether it should be removed.

20 September 2021

Little research available on the long-term effects of tear gas use (University of Minnesota)

University of Minnesota Medical School graduate students analyzed and summarized literature on the health effects of chemical demonstration control agents, such as tear gas, including the studies which informed existing exposure guidelines. Their study shows that, despite frequent use around the world, there have been few studies that look into the long-term health and environmental effects of tear gas exposure.