Past CSP Statements


Civil Society Remarks at the CSP

At the annual Conference of the States Parties (CSP) to the Chemical Weapons Convention, the CWC Coalition coordinates the submission of NGO statements from accredited NGOs that are read during a designated session of the General Debate. 

Civil society was first allowed to speak during plenary sessions in the main hall of the World Forum during the Third Five-Year Review Conference (RC-3) in 2013.  Although NGO representatives had been allowed to attend annual CWC conferences since the late 1990s, none were allowed to speak before the conference plenaries until the CWC Coalition negotiated speaking slots with the OPCW General Committee and the RC-3 chairman in 2013.  

Statements that have been delivered by accredited NGOs at the Conference of States Parties will be uploaded here. These documents can also be accessed on the OPCW website under the Documents section for each Conference.

Individual NGO Statements:

  • Statement and video by ICAN Kurdistan Network – IKN, “Attack on Erbil
  • Statement and video by Srivaranam Organisation for the Environmental Education (SOEE), “Concept of Dual-Use Chemicals
  • Statement and video by ArgIQ – Information Quality in Argentina, “Dealing With Mis- and Disinformation” 
  • Statement and video by Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights, “Oral Statement About Chemical Terrorism” 
  • Statement and video by Foundation for Defence of Democracies, “Russian CWC Compliance
  • Statement by Doors NGO, “Statement on Chemical Terrorism
  • Statement by the Henry L. Stimson Center Foundation
  • Statement by Sadik Toprak, MD, “Supporting More Scientific Research About Preventing Chemical Weapons Use
  • Statement and video by the Syrian Network for Human Rights
  • Statement by Dr. Michael Crowley and Malcolm Dando, “Toxin and Bioregulator Weapons
  • Statement by Dr. Stefano Costanzi, “Next Steps in Expanding the Chemical Weapons Convention Schedules
  • Statement by Colorado Citizens’ Advisory Commission, “Status of United States Meeting the September 30, 2023 Deadline for the Destruction of Their Remaining Chemical Weapons”

Joint NGO Statements: 

Special Statement: 

  • International Committee of the Red Cross: Statement
  • Ambassador Paturej, Chairman of the Third Review Conference: Statement