Month: June 2021

News 26

29 June 2021 OPCW launches chemical safety and security management guidelines (OPCW) The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) launched new Guidelines for Chemical Safety and Security for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to foster the peaceful uses of chemistry.

News 25

28 June 2021 Statement by the Director-General of the OPCW, Fernando Arias, to commemorate the 1987 chemical weapon attack on Sardasht, Iran (OPCW) The Director-General of the OPCW gave remarks on the 34th anniversary of the 1987 chemical weapons attack on Sardasht in Iran.

News 24

26 June 2021 Latin American and Caribbean Member States expand capacity of First Responders to handle chemical emergencies (Mirage) First Responders from the Latin America and Caribbean (GRULAC) member states learned the principles of chemical emergency response for incidents involving chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals during an online course held from 21 to …

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News 23

22 June 2021 Wearable sensors may one day sniff out chemical weapons for soldiers (Popular Science) Teledyne FLIR is one of four companies working on small, individually-worn sensors that can alert soldiers and frontline troops to chemicals such as mustard gas or industrial substances prone to combustion.

News 22

20 June 2021 U.S. Preparing More Sanctions Against Russia, Sullivan Says (New York Times) President Biden’s national security advisor said on Sunday that the United States was preparing more sanctions against Russia in response to the poisoning of Aleksei Navalny days after Mr. Biden attended his first face-to-face summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

News 20

16 June 2021 GOP lawmakers urge Biden to add sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning (The Hill) Two top ranking Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to Biden on Wednesday urging the president to impose secondary sanctions on Russia over the August poisoning of top Putin critic Alexey Navalny.

News 17

13 June 2021 Carbis Bay G7 Summit Communique ( The official communique released by the G7 countries following their summit in Cornwall, Britain, called on Russia to “urgently investigate and credibly explain the use of a chemical weapon on its soil.”

News 16

13 June 2021 G7 demand action from Russia on cybercrimes and chemical weapons (Reuters) During the Group of Seven wealthy nations summit in Cornwall, Britain, June 2021, the attending countries called on Russia to take action to halt cyber attacks in the West and to investigate the use of chemical weapons on it soil.

News 18

11 June 2021 H.R. 2663 – 17th Congress (2021-2022): Protecting Children from Chemical Weapons Act ( Rep. Joseph Morelle (D-NY) introduced a proposal to “prohibit law enforcement officers from using chemical weapons on minors in the course of policing activities.” The proposal’s definition of a chemical weapon includes oleoresin capsicum spray, also known as pepper …

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News 19

3 June 2021 Syria Yet to Fulfil Chemical Weapons Convention Obligations, Top United Nations Officials Tell Security Council, as Members Spar over ‘Objectivity’ (United Nations) The UN Security Council was briefed on the continued assessment by the OPCW that Syria’s declaration under the CWC cannot be considered completed due to identified by unresolved gaps and …

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